Sunday, November 20, 2011

LOOK AT THESE BOOKS! at Three Months

This mama is tired.  Tomorrow, I am preaching my senior sermon in the chapel at Eden.  It's something I've been thinking about doing since I was a first year student.  I love preaching and the chance to preach in front of so many awesome students and faculty is quite an honor.  At the same time, however, I'm nervous as can be.  I'll try to do a blog post on it, or at least post a picture or two.  

Also, Thursday, I am doing a Thanksgiving service at First Congo.  I have hardly even started working on it because I've been so busy thinking about Monday. 

I have a lot of other stuff going on too, but let's not get into it.  Let's just say I haven't knitted in over a week, at which point I knitted these!  

For myself.  I'm knitting more, or at least similar ones,
for Christmas gifts.  Shh.
Anyway, today Evelyn is three months old.  Sometimes it sounds about right, sometimes I can't believe it at all.  Time flies, but I also feel like we've been together our whole lives (not just hers).  

Did you know three months ago
this was inside me? 
I thought it would be neat, as I'm a bit of a bibliophile, to post Evelyn's top five favorite books each month.  For now, it's more about us than her.  She doesn't really care what we read as long as there's noise somewhere.  I've actually been reading her Marcus Borg's Speaking Christian, which she seems to enjoy, but we won't put that in her top five.  Maybe six? we go!  The first installment of LOOK AT THESE BOOKS! (The name comes from what Evelyn says (?) whenever she sees the first book on the list: "LOOK AT THESE PENGUINS!")

1. Don't Be Afraid Little Pip!: I posted a photo of Evelyn looking at this book a few entries back.  I'm gonna be honest; I don't even really know what the book is about.  I just know that there's one page that says, "Swimming is flying!" (a statement that I happen to disagree with) that Evelyn could stare at forever.  It is FULL of penguins.    

2. Toes, Ears, and NoseThis is a book I actually like for the content.  The wording is super simple and somewhat predictable, but she loves it because I tickle her when I read it and it gets her smiles going.  

3. On the Day You Were Born: Evelyn couldn't give two diapers-full about this book, other than that the inside cover has these amazing stars on it (also pictured a few entries back).  However, either I'm still hormonal enough, or her birthday is still recent enough, that I cry every time I read it.  Okay but seriously, you try reading the words, "We're so glad you've come" into these eyes without crying. 

You're crying just thinking about it, aren't you?
4. Matisse: Dance for Joy: We actually just got this one today, but it is exactly her cup of tea-- lots of really high contrast, bright pictures.  And my cup of tea-- real, intriguing, evocative art.  

5. The Little Prince: Okay, another book she doesn't care all that much about.  But, we've been reading it to her little by little for about a month now.  We're over halfway through.  It's a fun part of our nighttime routine (Whoa whoa whoa....routine???? I guess I use that word loosely) and someday when she's older, we'll tell her that she read her first chapter book before she was six months old.  

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