Monday, November 7, 2011

It's MAIL time!

Evelyn is spoiled.  This girl has so much awesome stuff and she gets significantly more mail than either of us ever did.  We get Shop N Save ads.  She gets clothes, blankets, toys, books, letters, etc.  I think this is partly a result of living so far away from family and friends, but also partly because she's so adorable and people love giving presents to babies.  Okay the other thing is that I am a borderline online shopping addict.  (What?? It's not real just put in the numbers and it comes in the mail!) 

Today I opened the door, we had two packages and it got me thinking about how it might be fun to have an occasional "Mail Time" post on my blog.  

I'm slightly nervous that you will all think "this baby has enough stuff so I'm going to stop sending her packages."  Okay, probably true but we LOVE packages and Evelyn does too.  We love knowing that she is so loved and people are thinking about her even from far away.  

Okay so we had a good mail day one day last week-- we got this package from our good friend Christine: 
An Ohio onesie, finger puppets, a crocheted outfit from a craft fair,
and a magnet (for me!) that says "knit happens"

Wearing her outfit to church yesterday. 
And this picture from Great-Grandma Smyres of the amazing wooden bird she just finished carving for her.  She will get it eventually, but for now Great-Grandma has to show it off in the class show.
I know, who takes a picture of a picture?   I do.  
We also got a package from my mom of all the stuff I left there when we went home a few weeks ago.  Sheesh, we forgot A LOT of stuff. 

Today, the two packages were from (okay, this is not a result of my shopping addiction, this is the result of a gift certificate from M's Godmother to be used to boost our supply of cloth diapers) and our friend Kadryn from college: 
--A Charlie Brown blanket!!  So cute.  It makes a great playmat, too!
-- Oh Katy One-Sized pocket diapers.
She's wearing one but the bear booty was too cute to  take off.
We have two more on the way.   
Now I'm starting to feel a bit guilty about how much stuff we have, in light of the Mission: 1 campaign.  Why do some people get everything and some get nothing?  This is one of those eternal questions.  There are days when I think we are totally broke and have nothing, and days that I think that I could not ask for more.  I don't think the answer is to give everything up (although Jesus does say that at least once...Luke 13:42).  I think the answer is to do good with what you have and to always be thankful.  I'm working on both.  Any advice?  

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  1. This is so cute!!!! I'm glad you guys like it!


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