Monday, November 14, 2011


I am overjoyed to present to you our brand new Sister-in-Christ, Miss Evelyn D'Agostino.

She cried for a short second when I first handed her over to Pastor Dave.  That's when she acquired the pacifier, and all was fine thereafter.

Baptized in the name of the Father, and the Son,
and the Holy Spirit

Annointing: "Holy Spirit be upon you, Evelyn,
Child of God, disciple of Christ, member of the church. "

Immediately after the baptism.
She is still glistening from the water.
It really delighted the heart of this mom and student pastor to attend this baptism.  I think I've been thinking about this moment since she was still a twinkle in our eyes.  I am so excited to teach her about God, Jesus, and the Church.  I love thinking about her among the cloud of pitter-pats running around the dining hall during potlucks and sleeping sprawled out on the pew on Ash Wednesday.  I await with joy the moment that I am able to share Holy Communion with her, and a donut and glass of lemonade in fellowship after church. 

One of my biggest desires for her is that the church will be a place of comfort and sustenance for her.  Yesterday, I felt that desire coming to life as I heard such a great cloud of congregants promising their love, support, and care to her.  We are in a place in our lives where we have no permanent church congregation.  My home church, Berea UCC, will always love us and take care of us, but we will never be regular members there again.  The church she was baptized in yesterday will only be our home until May or June.  We have no idea where we will be next or how long.  So yesterday, when I heard the promise of the congregation, I heard  them promising on behalf of so many others-- for Berea, for Eden Seminary, for the Ohio Conference of the UCC, for our families and friends, and for every church I will serve in her life and every church that Maic and I will be a part of.  

I am so excited to watch her grow in faith and build her own unique relationship with God.    


  1. This is beautiful, Joanna, and a testament that baptism is into the family of God and doesn't have to be into one particular church. It is wonderful that this little girl (and her mom & dad) are loved by so many all over the world. God would surely smile about that! My best to your adorable baby girl and her family!

  2. Trinitarian form of Baptism! YES!


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