Thursday, March 29, 2012

Staying on Track and a Lenten Puzzle Prayer

Hi All!

I'm not much for blogging this week because I'm *truly* getting some work done on my thesis.  My goal was to work three hours a day this week, and so far I missed Monday (the first day) but otherwise have done really well.  Things are going smoothly, and when I get the words on the page I can't believe how much I know about Judith.  I feel like we're buds now, and whenever I read an article that says something bad about her I get really defensive.  She's not perfect, but she is really awesome.  It's due April 18th, by the way. 

A depiction of the Song of Miriam, but I like to look at it
and think about Judith's celebration too. 

Anyway, I wanted to stop in and drop off this Lenten word search from  You know, I've been posting prayers from there periodically.  I love the commitment to reach so many different spiritual practices.  I'm really loving the website and am planning to print them all out and put them in a booklet for Lents-to-come.  

Here's what you're looking for: Purple, Fast, Lent, Ash Wednesday
Maundy Thursday, Shrove Tuesday, Forty Days, Paschal Lamb, and Holy Week.

In Evelyn news, she's teething and it is really, truly a test in patience.  Maic and I are both exhausted from waking up throughout the night and we are begging those little teeth to just pop through.   Just trying to remember: "Weeping may linger for the night, but Joy comes in the morning." Psalm 30:5.  Now I just wish that time frame was literal.  

Since we have a webcam attached to our new laptop, I like to turn on the camera and she watches herself in the computer and talks.  It's really quite adorable.  Here are a few photos.  

Just woke up.

Who's that?  (By the way, see that bruise on my arm?
Would you believe this sweet little 7 month old gave me a hickey!
It's been there for a week now!) 

"Oh hi, other baby.  Aren't you cute." 

Daddy set up this cheer squad for her because he wants her to crawl.
She just scoots backwards for now...

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