Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who is Joseph Kony? : Using Social Networking for Good

Never thought I'd watch the whole video, but I did and I'm glad.  C'mon guys, we are powerful, and we should care.

Edited to Add: 
Thought I'd keep this post brief, but I just can't stop thinking about the fact that he does this in the name of the Lord, yet I don't have time to elaborate or come up with something even semi-profound to say about the whole thing.  I'm just disgusted, and I wish there was some way I could tell people that religion is not always like that and that is NOT our God.  Because of my lack of time, I'll just include some links,

like to the United Church of Christ, the denomination I'm a part of, who knowing us will be on the Kony 2012 train really soon.

And to the website to which the maker of the video refers, where you can go to send letters and learn more about Kony 2012.

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