Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's All Happening: My Ordination Interview is Tomorrow!

Hi readers and viewers!  

I am home in Ohio and have been since Thursday.  Originally, we were home for the weekend for a wedding which was called off a couple of months ago, and then Maic went home on Sunday night and Evelyn and I are here until Friday evening because tomorrow afternoon is my ordination interview. 

What does that mean? 
It starts out with a half hour worship service, which I put together and preach for.  I am using the "Samaritan Woman at the Well" passage from John 4, and preaching on the topic of being in awe of God.  

Then it continues into an hour long interview with the full department of the Western Reserve Association.  They have all received and read my ordination paper and ordination exam, and can ask me anything they want.  The department consists of about 20 people.  Anyone is invited to the interview, and I think that anyone is allowed to ask me questions.  

After the interview, I step out into the hall, the department reaches a decision about whether or not I can be ordained, and they call me back in and let me know. 

YOU are invited to the worship service and/or interview tomorrow which begins at 1:00.  Because in the United Church of Christ, ordination is an act of the church and therefore an act of the community, everyone is invited to be a part of the process.  Come hear me preach, and if you feel like staying for the interview,  which begins at 1:30, that's fine.  

It's located at 1375 West Clifton Blvd. Lakewood, OH.  Their website is here, for more directions on how to get there. 

Then what?
If I am approved for ordination, it will be with two conditions: pending my graduation from Eden, and pending a call (a.k.a. a hired pastoral position).  

I have to finish up my ministerial profile, which is basically a portfolio, and then I send it to be circulated to the churches that are seeking pastors.  I can do that as soon as tomorrow is over, but I have a bit more work to do before it's prepared to go out.  The association minister helps me out by recommending me to churches and encouraging them to interview me. 

Where am I looking for a call?
First, in the Western Reserve and Eastern Ohio Associations.  We want to be close to family.  If nothing bites in the area, I'll expand to the rest of Ohio and parts of Michigan, PA, and Indiana.  Stage three: Milwaukee, Washington D.C., and St. Louis-- places where people we love live.  Stage four: everywhere. 

What can you do to help? 
Pray for my discernment and the discernment of the churches and other pastors in the search and call process.  

Thanks for staying tuned-in.  Sending my love to you all, and holding you close to me tomorrow, as your encouragement means the world to me.  

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  1. You got this, girl! You are an amazing woman, and you will be amazing pastor. I'm sure of it.


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