Monday, March 5, 2012

Studying, not out of a sense of duty

I'm finding myself more often seated in a study carrel at Webster University reading and writing about Judith (about to make the switch to less reading and more writing).  My thesis is due to my first and second readers by April 18th-- less than two months from now.  It's going pretty well, because I'm more excited about the topic every day.  

A couple entries ago, I mentioned that one of my Lenten commitments is to read this blog of expansive language prayers each day.   Many of them are digging up very deep new ways of looking at God for me.  I read this one today from March 3rd (admitting that I'm a few days behind) and was deeply struck by the line, "Let us go to prayer and study not out of a sense of duty, but because we long to be alone with you." 

Is this, kind of, what I preached about two Sundays ago?  Wish I'd read the prayer back then.  

Needed to share.

In other news, headed to Ohio on Thursday evening for my ordination interview!  

And, wanted to share these photos from the other night when we had our South Korean and Japanese friends over for black bean burgers.  Yunseon wants everything he eats to be very American, so he smothered his in ketchup.  ;-) 

Yunseon, Grace, Catherine, Evelyn, Me, Reina

Evelyn and Catherine, who is 11 months old.
She's riding the horse my dad painted for Evelyn for Christmas

Thanks for reading!  Time to get studying! 

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