Monday, April 2, 2012

Finding Wonder

I took an absolutely necessary and absolutely lovely day off this weekend with my family and our good friend Stacy for her birthday.  We went to the Shaw Nature Reserve which is associated with the Missouri Botanical Gardens, but I had never been there before.  

I love being in nature, because it is so easy to meet God in everything I see, which was exactly what I needed to continue working on my thesis-- a reminder of God's presence and encouragement.  It's due in 17 days now, and I'm just chugging along.  

The sermon I preached for my ordination interview was all about having a sense of awe for God's Creation. I talked about the way that Evelyn looks at things and how much amazement she has for everything she sees.  Some of the photos that we took on our hike at Shaw Nature Reserve are perfect illustrations for this sermon.   They reflect the sense of wonder for God's Creation that Evelyn is helping us to discover.  One of my greatest hopes for her is that she will always have this much awe. 

This one is not at Shaw Nature Reserve, but instead at Maic's work.
 Look at that wind in her hair!  She is so happy.

Feeling the wildflowers

So beautiful

Looking for Crayfish

Aunt Stacy found her a Twirly Twig

Carrying the twirly-twig Stacy found for her

Grabbing the branches

She found a Daddy Long Legs,
and watched it until it was out of her sight

Still watching the Daddy Long Legs

Watching the Dandelion blow

Aunt Stacy teaching Evelyn about how flowers reproduce

Look at that HUGE tree!

Evelyn's not the only one in awe-- I love the way he looks at her! 

She is so perfect.  

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