Thursday, April 19, 2012

An Entry About Evelyn

Even though Evelyn never smiles for the camera, she does smile a lot.  The past few days she started doing this extra squint in her smile.  I know she got it from me.  She will smile like normal and then tilt her head a little and wrinkle up her nose and squint her eyes.  I do that to her all the time, and apparently she's picked up on it.  It's impossible to not laugh when she does it.  

She laughs now too.  She especially likes when she reaches for my mouth and I pretend I'm going to bite her hand off.  It's hilarious to her.  She also laughs when her daddy blows on her belly and she laughs at Yo Gabba Gabba.  She and her daddy both like Toodee the best.  The time we played her the Yo Gabba Gabba CD Uncle Paul got her for Christmas, she cried for 10 minutes because she heard it but couldn't see it.  (I swear, you guys, we don't watch it that much.) She hates being thrown up in the air or lifted high above my head.  When I do it, every single muscle in her body tenses up, and when I bring her back to me, she grips onto my arms with both hands like her little life depends on it.  Then she lays her head on my chest and slowly relaxes.  She gives kisses.  Big, slobbery, open-mouth kisses.  She gave them to me first, weeks ago, and just yesterday decided Daddy and stuffed animals are also worthy of the affection.  I take great pride in this, considering she smiled at Maic, every person with glasses, and every person under the age of eight at least a month before she smiled at me. 

Sunday was the first time since she was born that she didn't cry while I preached.  Since she was born, Maic always ends up walking back and forth with her in the Narthex during my sermons.  She hears me in the nursery and she won't stand for it.  I don't know if this is a sign of rebellion (ie: I don't wanna hear her preach) or a sign of support (ie: Get me out of this nursery; I need to be there for my Mama!) or a challenge (ie: I bet I can yell louder than you can preach!).  She also cries when I type on the computer.  This makes getting any work done very difficult.  She even wakes up sometimes when I type.  Sometimes I have to send an important e-mail to someone about school or something, and I'd be really embarrassed if they knew how slowly I typed it.  If I do one, maybe two letters at a time, sometimes she doesn't notice.  I look forward to seeing how she evolves into a PK-- Pastor's Kid.  

I finished my thesis today.  (Planning to write an entry on that soon) You'd think after all the time I put into it, hours of sleep I lost, and emotional roller coasters I went through while writing it, I'd be sound asleep right now, but I can't sleep.  A result of Coca-Cola, I think.  As I was laying in bed Evelyn started crying so I brought her next to me and nursed her until she fell back to sleep.  Usually, when she wakes me up at night (which is every night...twice) I am too grumpy to be grateful for her sweet little life.  I say something like, "Ev, seriously?" or "C'mon baby.  Go back to sleep."  But today, since I was already awake, I just looked at her for a while, stroked her hair, played with her fingers, and said to her what I don't say often enough.  "Thanks for being my baby."  

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  1. Joanna, this is so sweet. I love that she is giving kisses. I bet it just melts your heart!


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