Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Seeing God; Seizing the Day

The process of searching for a church has brought my closer to God than I think I've ever been.  I feel like I'm finally beginning to understand that where I go from here is not what I want, but what God wants.  That's a hard thing to wrap one's mind around.  Much, much, much more easily said than accepted. 

It may be the free time that is bringing me closer to God, too.  I feel like I am taking time to see God more, and everything looks more beautiful.  I've been more conscious about taking time to pray and thank God for the gifts in my life (Yes friends, I confess that even as a pastor I often have trouble taking time to pray).  The free time is also bringing me close to my family.  We are having so much fun together.  We've been taking walks every morning to start the day.  We've even been baking bread together.  

My dear husband is as encouraging as can be.  He's honest, supportive, and challenging.  He believes in the search and call process and reminds me to trust in it when I struggle to.  When I ask him if he would want to live in XYZ city or state, he says "home is where you and Evelyn are." 

Aside from spending time with family, I've made sure to cram my schedule full of stuff.  I wouldn't be me if I didn't.  So I've joined the local clergy group, who meets every Tuesday for lunch.  I'm going to check out a weekly knitting group in town that a lot of the local clergy are a part of, too.  I posted on my previous entry that I'm preaching almost every week for the next month.  In non-church life, I've been hanging out with friends and family, including an old friend and her sweet baby Charlotte (whose blog is here; she might post some photos of the sweeties riding in Charlotte's wagon together), two of my best friends from college who have recently started dating each other (Maic and I occasionally get giddy about this as if it is our own relationship), and a few other friends.  We've been trying to seize the day, since we're not sure how long we'll be living this close, so we're trying to see our parents and my Gramma as often as possible.  We're also going to start doing some work on the house we're living in (which belongs to my in-laws) so that they can get it ready to either rent or sell.  

Life is good.  God is good.  Sorry I can't be more explicit about what's going on in my search.  I promise someday I'll let you know what's going on.  For now, I'm gonna keep it all confidential. 

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