Monday, June 18, 2012


We had kind of a surprise weekend with my brother and his family because they came for my sister-in-laws great grandmother's funeral.  Sad circumstances, but so wonderful to spend time with them.  I haven't seen them since Christmas, and lately Christmas is more about cramming in visits and not sleeping rather than hanging out and spending time together.  So this weekend was such a blessing for me.  I just loving seeing these two together.  Allen and Charis are such wonderful parents and I learn so much by watching them with their little Zoey, who just turned two.  

On Friday evening, we went for a walk down the bike trail right by our house.  Zoey pushed a baby stroller that we found in the basement here that belonged to my sister-in-law, who just graduated from high school.  First she put rocks in it, but then she put her stuffed Otter, "Y.I. Otter" in it.  

On Saturday morning, they came over and brought Gramma and Grampa (Gwah-ma and Gwam-pa) and we had coffee and just played out in the yard and inside.  Evelyn is learning how to clap, and that's what she's doing in the photo above.  Her hands just go in circles like she is washing windows.  It's so stinking cute. 

Zoey read Evelyn a book...

And Evelyn shared her favorite toy.  

It's so funny how Evelyn looks so big to us when it's just the three of us, and then Zoey shows up and she just looks so tiny!  We love watching Zoey, just a few steps ahead of her.  It's so exciting to see what's coming!  

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