Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Love to Tell the Story

I've had a great time preaching each Sunday this Summer.  I've learned a lot about myself and my preaching style, but I've been getting really excited for the chance to preach every Sunday in the same place.  It's pretty stressful to learn a new routine every week.  Each church has different deadlines and different ideas of how much a service should be rehearsed beforehand, and, to be completely honest, I hope my days as a "traveling" preacher are over soon and I'll have an office with a hymnal in it so I don't have to drive down to First Church in Oberlin in order to choose hymns.  

Well, this Sunday is the last Sunday that I have booked this Summer.  I'm so looking forward to just showing up at church and worshiping on a Sunday morning for a little while.  I will not take it for granted.  Anyway, all week I've been thinking about how much I love preaching, and I've had this hymn stuck in my head.  I was going to just post it as a link on Facebook, but then my description of it kept getting longer and longer, so here it is-- as a blog entry.  

"I love to tell the story of unseen things above-- of Jesus and his Glory, of Jesus and his Love.  I love to tell the story because I know it's true.  It's satisfy my longings, as nothing else can do."

I really do love it.  I remember the words of my atheist college English professors, who said, "If you actually open the darn book [the Bible] you'll find that it's full of the craziest stories of all time."  So, so true.  The Christian story is a good one, and I'm excited to go on telling it for so many more years.  

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