Friday, May 25, 2012

A Reptile Lover

As if this girl hasn't already captured my heart, she's proving herself to be a huge fan of things that creep and crawl, as am I. (One of my favorite stories about myself as a kid is when I captured a baby garter snake and brought it to church with me.  Another is when my neighbor Pat brought his Ninja Turtles over and we played with them and a live toad in my doll house).  We went to visit Stacy at her school and one of her fellow teachers has a large collection of reptiles and amphibians.  Evelyn could not get over the turtles, but she was also quite smitten with the bearded dragons.  I can't wait to catch frogs and salamanders with her.  

A turtle!
Look at that goofy, totally beside-herself smile.  
Hi Friend! 

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