Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Comfort Cross

Today a member of First Congregational UCC of Webster Groves gave me this "Comfort Cross" as a gift as my time at the church comes to an end.  It's made out of olive wood from the Holy Land and is carved in a way that it fits very comfortably in your hand.  A little later in the day, Evelyn was fussy so I handed it to her and she has taken quite a liking to it, carrying it around and chewing on it.  She used it to beat on a turned over basket for a while this afternoon-- her own little drum.  I know it's supposed to be for me, and pretty soon I'll probably take it away from her so it doesn't get any little baby teeth marks in it, but I couldn't help but love the fact that she loved it.  

I want to be open to how God calls her to serve this world.  I want her to be independent and make her own choices in her faith journey, no matter where that takes her.  But, I have to be honest and say that watching her hold this cross so tightly brought so much joy to my heart.  I hope that she always loves Jesus this much.  

Isaiah 40 is playing over and over in my mind: "Comfort, comfort my people..."

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