Friday, February 10, 2012

Finished, and relaxing!

I'm sorry I left you all hanging.  I did finish my ordination paper.  I still feel like a lot of it is a draft, but the hardest part is done.  Next, I meet with the working group in Ohio via Skype and they offer suggestions for revisions.  

I really want to take a little time to rest, but I'm aware that a final revision of my thesis proposal is now overdue.    Finishing it requires at least a couple hours in the library developing my bibliography.  I have the motivation, it's just a matter of finding the time.  

Rest will not be left undone this weekend however.  Maic and I are going on a date Saturday night-- something we haven't done since Evelyn was six weeks old, and even then it was to an Eden fundraising event so it wasn't much of a date.  Not sure what we're going to do yet, because it's the weekend before Valentine's Day and restaurants are sure to be packed.  All I know is Evelyn is hanging out with Stacy, and we're going to do something fun together.  Then on Sunday, we're having a baby shower for another Eden student who is having her baby next month!  

Other than that, here are a few things that are going on around here: 

We're trying to get Evelyn on a sleep schedule instead of putting her to bed whenever we go to bed.
As a result, Maic made this comic strip, which I think is pretty much the truest thing I've ever seen.
 If you can't read it, click on the photo to enlarge it.  

Evelyn and I Skyped with Gramma and sent an e-mail to cousin Zoey's new e-mail account.
They set one up so people can send her memories and letters, etc.
I think we'll do the same for Evelyn soon. 

I'm stash-busting (aka trying to clear out my yarn stash by knitting a bunch).
Here is a big shawl, and a summer tank top.
I'm also making a baby blanket for a friend.  Not pictured :)  

Evelyn learned to put her foot in her mouth.  Okay, now you try.  

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