Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Lovely Weekend in Milwaukee

On Friday, after Evelyn and I were done visiting a lovely homebound church member, I dropped all school work and church work and ran off to Milwaukee with my awesome family.

Maic's Aunt/godmother Lori and Uncle Chris live in Milwaukee, along with two cousins and their partners and kids.  They are such an inspiration to be around.  They really pool their talents and help each other out in all sorts of ways and they are a true example for me of what family should be.  This is our second visit to Milwaukee and it has been a relaxing and refreshing trip both times.

Maic and Lori, hanging out with some cacti

We began this trip with a visit to the Milwaukee Public Museum where we saw some really creepy dancers with masks, a dinosaur exhibit, and the most butterfly-full butterfly house I've ever been in.  

I didn't join the dance.  I was too busy trying to act like I wasn't afraid
in front of the kiddos
Maic with his cousin's little boy, Makai
Maic and cousin Mona, who lured miss Evelyn to sleep
in the Butterfly House
Mara, with a butterfly.  The butterflies really loved her! 

In the afternoon, we had some coffee and did a bit of Christmas shopping.  Maic and I finally surrendered to Homemade Christmas and decided that we can't quite take on the task of making homemade gifts for everyone every year.  So we bought a few gifts, which took a huge weight off my shoulders.  I also received my first Christmas present, from Aunt Lori-- a really neat necklace with triangles and circles made of slate.

We returned home and had a delicious turkey dinner and champagne, and then hung out at cousins Matt and Janelle's house and chatted while Evelyn slept soundly back at Aunt Lori and Uncle Chris's house.  (Incidentally, Janelle has her own blog and handmade clothing line called Little Ocean.  Check it out!)

In the morning we went to church, and then headed over to the Domes, which each have a different climate filled with plants that thrive in that climate.

Miss Mara and Grandpa on their way to the Domes
The tropical/rainforest dome

The desert dome

The garden/floral dome, currently decked out with poinsettias for Christmas

Then we had coffee with cousin Mona and it was time to head home.  Evelyn was awesome on the car ride to Milwaukee, but less so on the ride home.  It gets dark so early these days and she just did not want to hang out in the dark all evening.  She was grumpy all day today, but hopefully will be back to normal tomorrow.

Now, onto finals week.  I'm writing this during an intermission from my UCC Polity essay.  I only have three finals total-- one due tomorrow and two on Friday.  I am taking them like a champ.  And then-- guess what?-- one semester left.

Well folks, here's one for the road:

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