Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kids' Room Transformation

When we bought this house, there were many times when I stood in this room and thought this could be a child's dream room.  And then many other times when I thought what on earth am I thinking??? 

I knew it had to be the first room that we spent time and money making over, because as it was when we moved in it was neither comfortable nor safe.  So we spent my maternity leave painting and painting and painting and painting (that wallboard seriously sucked up paint), we received a beautiful bedroom set from a church member who no longer needed it (and a headboard which will go up when we get a box spring), and the final step* happened yesterday when the carpet was installed.  Evelyn completely loves it, and it is so wonderful to be able to put Amos on the floor next to us while Evelyn plays.  

We also got our bedroom carpeted...but I'm not ready to reveal it.  It still has cardboard wood paneling...

*There's a new final step now, because when the carpet was installed the doors wouldn't fit back on the closets.  We have to saw them off a bit and put them back on.  

All right, friends.  Here it is!





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