Friday, January 4, 2013

Being Fair.

That time has come again for me to apologize for not writing more often...except...I CAN'T!  

Why?  Because it would go against my New Year's Resolution.  I have just one: To be fair to myself.  Many of you know that I'm very hard on myself-- especially when it comes to my job and parenting.  So, no more, "That wasn't a very good sermon," and no more, "I don't spend enough time with Evelyn," and no more, "I haven't been a very good wife lately," and the list goes on...

This year it will be all about, "I do what I can and trust that God will use me."  

Sound good?  Will you hold me to it?

We had a beautiful Christmas, both here and in Ohio.  The Christmas Eve service at church was well-attended and, for a first run, well-executed!  You can listen to my Christmas Eve sermon here.  I believe God is truly doing something with me here in Ripon.  People are coming to church.  People want to be a part of the community.  People are contacting me for help and support and encouragement.  I only hope it will continue; that the novelty won't wear off; that I won't wear out! 

Christmas at home was wonderful too.  We are blessed by such amazing families.  Maic's siblings are all maturing into such wonderful people and they each lead such interesting lives.  Evelyn was really confused at first because she kept thinking everyone was her daddy!  But no one quite compares! 

At my parents' house, the biggest joy was seeing Evelyn and her cousin Zoey together.  Zoey is 
the best little girl and role model for Evelyn.  She is smarter than you would ever believe a two-and-a-half year old could be, and she is so well-behaved.  Sometimes she will just look at someone with the most sincere face and say, "(insert name here) you're the best!"  One time she went around the whole table, "Gramma, you're the best!...Uncle Maic, you're the best!...Daddy, you're the best!"  But the thing is, you get this sense that she really believes it!  She's such a lover. 

I do often wish we lived closer, because I miss seeing everyone on a regular basis, but it also makes trips like these so sweet and special.  Looking back, I remember I only saw my Grandma and Grandpa Smyres twice a year growing up, but they still meant the world to me, and those trips to see them made my heart explode with excitement.  I think that's how it will be for little E, too. 

Welp, I'm back to work now, and so glad I have a job to return to with anticipation and excitement.  

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