Thursday, August 30, 2012


My ordination service was absolutely wonderful.  My brother and sister-in-law and their daughter Zoey, and my Uncle Bob came into town to celebrate with us, and I had planned it so that it would be on a weekend when my former pastor and one of my most important mentors, Martha, was in town.  I wanted to have a relatively short (for an ordination) service so that Evelyn and Zoey (and, to be honest, many of my friends who aren't used to church) could be there to celebrate and not be too bored.  I think the service was just over an hour.  

Martha delivered a beautiful sermon about self-care, among other things, and even though I totally botched my "Response," which I had written down but then ended up too teary-eyed to read, I think it was heart-felt and people appreciated it.  

My family in the front pew-- Mom and Dad, Gramma and Aunt Norma,
Allen, Charis, and Zoey, and Uncle Bob.  My In-Laws were there to celebrate too. 

Every time I see these two I love them more.  

Evelyn was a little angel, as always.
Except that she pulled my hair during the Laying on of Hands. 

There were several WRA clergy and lay-leader representatives 

Maic played his Ukulele for many of the songs,
and Adam sung a beautiful solo of "Take, Lord, Receive."

This was at the beginning of the Laying on of Hands

So many beautiful people!

My parents presented me with my stole.

I've already got quite a collection.  The first stole was purchased by my
Grandma Smyres for my graduation, the second one was woven by my Grandpa's sister,
and the third one was purchased for this occasion by Berea UCC.
It is one of my favorite Bible stories-- the woman at the well.  The first Chalice is a gift from
Rev. Tom Dipko upon his retirement, and the second one is from Allen and Charis. 

And at the end of it all, all I wanted to do was hold my sweet baby and take a nap.
But alas, the next morning was moving day!  

Well everyone, as several people have reminded me, I've Become Pastor Mom... So, what should I change my blog title to?  I'm up for suggestions.  

The Reverend Joanna D'Agostino


  1. Titles are tricky work but it is indeed time for a change! Congratulations Joanna! You have worked very hard and have been bountifully blessed in return!

  2. Congratulations!

    What about The Pastor Mom?


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